internet rumor mill

is that after 10 years of "repression", legendary Lansdowne sk8park
is gonna be "pad nanny" FREE - no more trying to push w/bulky knee
pads weighing ya down, & also extended open hours. I was there 2
thursdays ago, & the enforcer was still there, so take this with a grain
of salt...


  • ill post this on the gsn
  • Personally I trade wearing pads for a safe spot with bathrooms. I love the weekday pad guy there. He also keeps the bowl swept and clean. Take him away and be prepared to clean up broken bottles for an hour every session.

    I talked to him two days ago, and he's certainly in the dark if this is true.
  • "I love the weekday pad guy there. He also keeps the bowl swept and clean". yep......... f'n kids dont know how good they have these days. sick of pickin up garbage at the park so there arent any bee's all over and ants.
  • it's a fine line/trade-off. Sure, it's great to keep the bikes/scooters/mopeds/hell, even deer hunters (no lie
    I once saw a dude set up a target & shoot bow & arrows off) out, but I actually feel sorry for the (local) kids
    who are out in the parking lot, without pads (or parents who care to sign them up). Admittedly, the neighborhood
    has gotten way more depressing over the years (hard to believe, but the old days seem downright "quaint"
    in comparison)- but there's something really wrong with an empty skatepark, even if it's a clean one. It kind
    of goes against my gut... People easily accept the concept that no one gets kept out of baseball diamonds, soccer
    fields, or tennis and basketball courts, but somehow it's acceptable to discriminate against skateboarders (or bikes).
    Yeah, I remember how trashy it could get, and all the times some bmx kid cut me off mid-run, but when weighed
    against the free-for all fun place it used to be, vs the pad nanny situation, I'm all for turning back the clock (pun
    intended). Especially after going there this summer & sweating more than usual thanx to having to wear some
    safety gear that's good for knee-sliding say at Greenbelt or Olney's big bowls, but not the downer's old crete...
    No offense to Mr Chuck, or the other old guy (who seemed drunk last time), but I'd like to at least see their job
    given to a skater, who has the judgement to relate a little more to the history of the place (& maybe have a hand
    in getting more stuff going there, like lights, bands playing again, etc)- Enough to maybe get Jeff Shepard back out
    there again?
  • duane peters said he wants to hit up that park next time he is back in town
  • Couple of days ago I read on another site that the pad nanny is goneski
  • any updates with this
  • am headed out there either today or sometime
    soon, will let ya know...
  • Pad guy is still there, same as last year.
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