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so i watched the new trailer for the new TRON movie coming out next month, which looks really good btw, but i just wanted to point out that they show a quick scene where the main charictor as a kid.. has an old steve steadham spade powell peralta deck in his room. (looks like an 80's flashback scene) i was really looking forward to this movie anyway, and now that they do a whole 80's pre-quel scene in the movie it looks really awesome!


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    I cant wait to see this movie .. im a massive fan of the original

    I seen the deck Nick.. I couldnt make out the graphics, just the shape
  • i watched the trailer on xbox live, it may be a different one than the one you saw? in that one you can clearly see its a steadham. but yeah..either way the movie looks f!@3n awesome, i cant wait.
  • The trailer made me feel old. I LOVED Tron, even had the action figures with the disks that popped onto their backs.
  • peep this
  • thats ridiculous. gotta love people. ^^^^
  • Some people get too obsessed with movies. It's always fantasy and SciFi though, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings...

    I want to become one of "those people", but pick an odd ball movie. Like I'll become a super fan of Dances with Wolves....I'll try to start DWW conventions, dress like Kevin Costner all the time, collect memorabilia. The whole works.
  • here you go.. you can start with this offical kevin Costner coat on ebay for the low price of ....................... (you have to see this to believe it.) =)
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  • LOL Nick....that's awesome. Now I just need to register a DWW fanpage and I'm ready to go.

    Fame and ridicule here I come.
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