Powell Perata Mini Balls Wheels


What ever happened to these?? I would love to have brand new wheels this size! I can never find these on ebay, I'm just wondering why the dont make them this small anymore. Anyone?


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    1. it is 2010
    2. NO ONE skates that size lowest made these days is 49
    3. would be a waste of money and equipment
  • I know its 2010, almost everyone I see at skateparks has wheels this size from use overtime, they all tell me they hate buying new wheels because the just have to get them smaller again. How would it be a waste of money when making them this smalll means you can probably make doubles of one set with whats left over and haveing them this small will mean skaters will be coming back to buy more because they'd wear them out faster. Im just saying.
  • Nah Bills right, good skaters know that there is no true diff between a 39 mm or a 49 mm in flipping a board or popping an ollie. Kids think they skate better with tiny ass little flat spotted wheels cause they land a trick with their set up, get a new set of wheels and now can't stick a trick they have done once and blame the wheels. There is no need for anything really under 51 or 52 mm and average should be 54-57 range and for ramps and pools 57-62 mm. Those old "bearing sleeves" have run their course and are dead thank GOD!
  • Some of the kids in skateparks over my way dont have the 20 or 30 bux it requires to buy a new set.. so they kick along with what they have, doesnt stop them shredding it up tho!
  • I agree, not putting kids down for ridding what they got, just saying they can skate just as good with bigger wheels that's why companies stopped making the little ones. Just commenting on the comment that the kids dislike new wheels cause they have to wear them down to skate good on.
  • agreed. no point in wheels that small.. you hit one pebble and its over. i cant skate anything smaller than 54mm. light is one thing but handling is comprimised if they are 2 small.
  • Yeah I also relalized that the smaller the wheels, the less top speed. Although I still prefer small wheels to medium or large ones. It would be nice to find a pair of these in mint.
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    I think super small wheels are dumb - but who cares what I think? I'm from the 80's when we used monster truck tires for wheels. We've been through 80's nostalgia - maybe 90's nostalgia will catch on as you guys get into your 30's... Companies have started upping the 90's era reissues lately - Blind has some great decks coming out this month. Maybe wheels will be next.
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