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this was already mentioned in a different thread (bones brigade) however.. thought it was worthy of its own heading. you heard it.. its true.he has dropped everything and he is offically skating for powell peralta. =) best news yet.


  • indeed very good news and a smart move by Mike V. Realy curious to see what will come out of it.
  • http://www.skatedaily.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/mikev_pp_tout.jpg first photo of mike v in a powell shirt for 2010 really small but oh well
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    here is a current photo courtesy of Kam, he was just at skateone on wed to sign the deal. should be an official announcement on the site soon. cant wait...
  • His Element tattoo is crossed off. I love it, no cover up- just cross it off!!!
  • when mike was here a few months ago me and him talked about what he did with the tat and we both laughed about it
  • Mike V should do himself a favor and stay with PP for good, no jumping ship a year or two from now.
  • yea but if a company treats u like shit and ur not feeling them anymore then why stay around
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    excellent stuff .. he has to be in everyones favourite riders list for sure!

    Drive was/ is a hit here..
  • Awesome news. I love it when athletes "come home".

    I can't wait to see Mike V in his first promo shoot......hey, maybe PP will reissue the flammable bones shirt for him to wear. That would be extra awesome.
  • broke it via hockey
  • 12.03.10 //Goodbye to By The Sword

    SWWWWOOOOOSSSSHHHH !! Thats the sound of a toilet flushing. Well after 6 months of working on "By the Sword" with Mike Vallely, it seems that it has come to an end. We recently recieved an email from Mikes partner with BTS telling us that he got an offer to go back to Powell Peralta and that he is taking it. We at Regulator never had a say in any of it. We just got an email and that was that. Of course we are bummed to not be working with Mike anymore but I think I am more bummed for the shops, distributors and skaters that got behind the message of BTS and supported it. In the end I am stoked for Mike. He is my friend and I only want what is best for my friends. In the meantime maybe Ill steal the "DIY Or Die" slogan?! I really liked that!
    So there you go. If you still want to find some stupid skater owned bull shit, Regulatordist.com is still your place to go!
    Now take that to your message boards!
    Kristian Svitak
    1-800-Get Bent
  • I just hope he is home to stay. :)
  • hey nick how about a mike v. black light lightning bolt..ooooooooh
  • As I mentioned in the doco thread, it would be great to get a welcome back deck with some new art etc etc for Mike.
    I imagine should the brigade & Mike sign such decks for GFL as well, they would be worth a few clams

    What I mean is one of each would great in my collection :)
  • id like an original first since i never got one, but a blacklight would be pretty cool actually.
  • I think they will more than likely use his elephant graphic on a popsicle shape like he had when he returned to Powell in the early 90's. I am glad he is back and there are a couple others I wouldn't mind seeing return.
  • via Mike V.
    Baby Elephants coming soon. Check out the prototype: http://bit.ly/fKWv4r
  • via Mike V.

    Check out these photos from yesterday's visit to the Powell Peralta offices/factory... Santa Barbara or Bust part 2: http://bit.ly/dNIbeQ
  • Did you see that bitchin white Lance Future Primitive. Dam I wish I worked there, talk about a dream job! Man I can't wait to see what's instore to come. Awesome that the Bones Brigade family is back, epic baby just EPIC!!
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    its just the graphic, no deck

  • Ah I see, hopefully it's a sign with a hidden message... Conspiracy Theory... & not just for the doc..
  • seriously.. Mike V had his powell re-issue on sale while he skated for element and that was a long time. its 2 different types of customers buying a re-issue and buying a popsicle from flip. just sign off on it again lance. make us happy please. thank you. by the way i had a dream last night that hawk allowed a run of his 3 original graphics the hawk in red, the chicken skull in hot pink and the birdclaw in lime green... and then i woke up. f!@#n dreams suck. make it happen bones brigade!! =)
  • Has anyone read the post it note on the future prim graphics above? It says " Mount Everest deck - use old Mountain figure graphics'. That sounds like they are going to be reusing the original Future Prim graphics on a deck they call Mt Everest. Hopefully it is a full sized future Prim with a descent kick nose. The other pics of Mike V at the Powell factory showed him looking at some old school Elephant boards with a modern kick nose. Hopefully they are gonna pump some updated models of the old shapes out. If they do lets get that Snakeskin Mcgill with a descent kick nose on it!! We can always dream....
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