new jason lee skate show coming to tv

Jason Lee been given the green light from Adult Swim to begin the pilot production for a live-action comedy television show called Shredd. The script centers on Jon Johnsonsen played be Lee who, as a 17-year-old superstar skateboarder in 1985 was on top of the world until a risky skate move landed him in a coma for 25 years. When he wakes up, he is 42 but stuck in the 1980s mindset of a teenage boy and must cope with all the changes in his life. This sounds like a hilarious role perfectly suited for Jason. Hopefully, Shredd makes it to broadcast in 2011.


  • Aren't some of the people who post on this forum kinda like that? (Just joking people).
  • Yea, I was going to say that sounds like me.....minus the coma. I'm 37, wear Airwalks or Chucks, most of my Tshirts are PP, I still have a mowhawk shave with hair down to my lower back......hell I even drive an 88 Mustang. The only thing that changed is the jeans got a little looser, all though ironically enough tight jeans are back in fashion.
  • im about as stuck in the 80's as you can get. p&p shirts, p&p re-issues by the dozen, retro game systems from the 80's all wired up in my game/skate room, stacks of cartridges, 80's movies, 80's toys, etc.. lets face it. the 80's ruled, and if you didnt get to grow up during that glorious decade, im really really sorry.. =) YOU MISSED OUT
  • Same here ... Vision Street Wear , p&p re-issues, tight jeans and I still watch Miami Vice episodes every day.

    And I used to drive an '86 Jeep CJ7...
  • Miami Vice....that's awesome. I remember, growing up just South of Boston, I loved Miami Vice. Then we moved down here to South Florida and I just assumed that everything was going to look like Miami Vice. Unfortunately, Boynton Beach is NOT Miami.
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