deck design/peralta hipster

Hey Kam,
just an idea, wondering about the potential or possibilty
of a new deck exactly like the Peralta hipster from the nose
to its stinger - but then instead of the winged cutaway, have
the curves full, with a less pronounced tail (maybe a tad shorter
in length, & not as much kick? You could even have 2 models
like the pool light ripper, one 8.5 wide, another with specs
somewhat widened, like to 9.375... I'd even like to see
double-drilled wheelbase to adjust up forward from street
to bowls, but I know that's pushin' it on requests - basically,
I like the hipster alot up front, but my back foot would like
a little more "modern" feel around the rear when I get it up to
speed (carvin', etc). All in all, it's a killer shape as is!


  • Thanks for the recommendation, I'll see what i can do. Appreciate all the support.
    Happy Holidays Everyone. Skate On.
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