all 80's vert contest preview


  • Oh Daaaammm Can't wait for another 80's sesh!!!! Hey Bill do you know if it's gonna be televised on fuel tv? Thanks again for keeping us posted!
  • i dont see why it wouldnt be either way u can depend on seeing footage of it somewhere
  • This sucks, 3 hours away and I won't be able to make it. ARGGH
  • yea that sucks even though i didnt skate in the 80s i think this is one of the best contests around
  • here is some footage of it
  • Was Lance there? I didn't see him in that video.

    I think that's the one thing I look forward to the most, Lance and his trademark sad plants.....just holding it there for what seems like 10 minutes.

    That and Christians rocket airs and Christ airs.
  • here is more footy
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