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    no one wants a lucero that bad my friend... im sorry i just dont see it happening. no offense to lucero but come on...an original Powell Peralta tony hawk mint (*pre-chicken skull ) deck went for
    $6500.00.. a "Caster" Chris Strople went for almost $7k.. these in my opinion are important pieces of history that need to be honored..but a lucero x1?? for $9k???..doubt it.
    AND..he has the b@ll$ to charge $44.00 shipping? oh yeah finally the seller states: "i own the largest schmitt stix collection in the world with the finest nos examples known."
    hmmm that may be true... but have you ever had sex with a real person and not a glove full of jelly?
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    ok... i thought the lucero was retarded and at that price it is.. but this is for the truly retarded, wealthy and brain dead collector who just likes to give money away to people just
    becase they ask for it... my god. oh yeah.. read the comments he states "i must be out of my mind for selling this" uh yeah... you and the d bag that buys it.. honsestly dont know who i want to punch in the face first... and AGAIN with the shipping charge? really.. yeah make sure you break even on the $16.95 it cost to make that piece of crap your overcharging 400000% mark up on.

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    Q: Hi, have you always been a douche bag? Dec-26-10
    A: I take personal offense at that. FYI: never bring a knife to a gun fight. I am publishing your comment, and suggesting no one buy or sell from you. Have a nice day.
    Q: Thank you .... I laughed my ass off at this... You made my day... JP Dec-16-10
    A: good: the skateboard world needs to have a good laugh once in a while. Actually, the neighborhood kids are always asking what I used to skate. This is pretty close, save the steel wheels/crappier trucks. I have fun letting the groms ride down the driveway...Mike, sk8 class of '62.
    Q: please spare this from always being at the top of my vintage skateboard search! Dec-12-10
    A: then buy it, and stop whining!
    Q: Hi. Do you think this scooter could handle a 300+ lbs. skater like myself? Dec-02-10
    A: only if you don't stand on it!
    Q: Finally, someone like me...Im trying to arrange armed escort from Murrieta to Riverside before I push the "Buy it Now" button; assuming local pick up is OK? Nov-28-10
    A: I provide armed escort, ranging from plain clothes, shotgun, air support, and sniper coverage at key points. If you're drinking a Slurpee, you get detained, somewhere in Cuba. Your purchase is of utmost importance to the security of our nation, and the sacred history of skateboarding. -Sgt. "53 ears" Mike, maybe in Nam, mabye not.
    Q: You have GOT to be kidding me. This made my day Nov-09-10
    A: what's a day without a little sunshine, and a smale?
    Q: hello you have certificates and approvals for export to France for this wonderful scooter top design otherwise great barbecue bye Oct-31-10
    A: Interpol, and NATO have cleared this item for international shipping.
    Q: You know, they just don't make'em like they use to. I live in the south and have concerns about termites, so did you use treated wood? Thanks. Oct-13-10
    A: It's "aged". And termites like ti skate too! Their teeny tiny helmets just keep falling off. Next time you're in a Cracker Barrel, have the following for me: meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, and the spiced apples! One thing we need out here in so cal!
    Q: You ever take it off any sweet jumps? Sep-30-10
    A: down the driveway. Buy it and see...it's fully functional!
    Q: $4,976.95 ???? Are you crazy? If I had that masterpiece, I wouldnt take any offers under $10,000 for it. Priceless!!! (If your on countless amounts of drugs) Sep-22-10
    A: I know...I adjusted the price due to today's economic hardships, and included a "best offer" as well.
  • i think "retardedness" is too nice of a word
  • Wait, hold on a second.......a glove full of jello? Does that work?
  • Damn that is some funny shit!
  • HAHA! That guy is ridiculous. Can't think of but maybe 5 boards worth that much.
  • this guy has been doing this kinda thing for a while now.. they even noted his stupidity on skate & annoys fleabay watch
  • I think this might be Ed.Ness's brother, haha. Check out the buy it now price. Someone asked him if it was a typo & apparently it's not. http://j.mp/hty9j7
  • i always wanted the blue one but not at that price
  • There is an aussie selling another blue one Bill.. its the 2nd time he's listed it
  • (Is this the one you are talking about? Sorry if I am a bit behind on this one.)
    Check out the BUY IT NOW price on this one:


    This guy is outta his mind.
  • yea only one i saw him selling still too high for me at that price of 300 bucks it better be gold plated with diamonds on top
  • He listed it at 379 the first time as well.. it didnt sell
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  • ^^^ that's a five points deck fROM Ohio. dude makes custom shapes and sizes out of his own woodshop - small one man operation. that graphic was a while ago and pretty limited, most if not all he does are original, one color, and simple. he's more about making a custom size board for the individual. good wood and a good dude that made it! but yes, absolutely ebay retard.ed.ness
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    due to owning a cap in the my past that does the same thing (dual can holder lol) I didnt think it was retarded.. more funny, this just seems like the best thread to pop it in
    thanks for the info though
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    oh yes, i agree Dr. freedom - it's hilarious - my ebay retard comment is based on the seller passing it off as an actual PP Welinder...
  • lol just saw that was gonna post it here. interesting board none the less
  • Love it. Good stuff ;)
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    yea Beno, I was of the same thought mate, passing it off as PP made me laff as well :D

    the buy in now price has gone back up to 400 again
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    7 bids. currently over $900.00. vintage powell peralta t shirt. sweet graphic.. but..i dont even think a versace or prada t shirt costs that much.. let alone a used sweaty t shirt from the 80's. good god man.
    and where are you going to wear it? the skate park? and risk ripping it? maybe pull it out once a year for a family BBQ, and when a relative asks about it you get to tell them you paid almost a thousand dollars for it?
    no thanks.
  • sick looking shirt
  • "slight sweat stain from Tony Hawk" LOL

    Is the bidder planning on cloning the Hawk man?
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    I dont think this is retarded, but hey, if you need them for your collection, then you will enjoy them. .. like the rest of us do :)

    however, the retardness does continue.
    it appears that 1983 was a good year .. even bonite gets a go at being from 1983 in here

    not a bad month for 1983 lol .. my only conclusion is Michael J Fox appeared on the scene in the Delorian to confuse them
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