Steve Steadham colorway

I would like to see a run of blue, pink, white, and olive green. I've been in love with that deck since 1987 and I think a buddy had a similar colorway back then.


  • I'd like the naked colorway. That is to say, the woodgrain with red striping. My personal favorite colorway of this deck.

    However, don't get your hopes up. Steadham apparently has veto control of colorways skate one puts out. He's into the rastafarian or odd color clashings. There has been GREAT colorways in the last couple catalogs. Did the get made? Nope. Last second changes, delays and then a deck that looks like hell ends up hitting the market painted rails or not.

    I'm hoping the next colorway (if it happens) gets back to more classic and tasteful designs.
  • Yeah I hear ya. Actually naked sounds kind of interesting. I got the gray, purple, white and black deck and the rastafarian colorway but hey I think pink, olive green, blue and white clashes pretty well. I only bought the rasta deck because I do skate them and figure I better start stocking up.
  • The Rasta colorway will be replaced by another next month. I will pass on your color requests.
  • Here's one option... image
  • Hmmm that looks so familiar... Could it be.. Naaahh.
  • Just thought I'd post these teaser. C'mon birdman, you know what we want! image
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    I kinda go for this. :)


    safely in storage it is at the moment.
  • Yeah that should be framed somehow and hung on a wall. I actually like the spring 11 colorway. I guess we'll see if it stays that way. But still blue, pink, white skull and olive green spade would rock, for me at least.
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    they did ur colorway in 2004 and 2005 im looking at it right now
  • What a bummer. They should do it again. I wonder if there are any floating around out there? It doesn't really matter what they look like, I'll buy them. Now if Santa Cruz would re-issue the 1987 Natas Panther. Steadham and Natas decks are perfect for my style.
  • time to google and ebay it up
  • Must be the 2005 because the 2004 is red and white stripes.
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    i can send u photos of the catalogs if u want
  • sure send him here: or just post them on here. I vaguely remember seeing the deck in 05.
  • Yeah that's pretty close. I'd like to see the reverse of that: dipped in blue, pink stripes, green spade, white skull. I'd probably buy two.
  • I sound like a scratched record.
    Well black, red stripes, pink spade would be cool too.
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    Found this on the web. It'll be a while before it's done again.

  • @Hugo

    For the longest time, that pink, purple and green 2005 reissue colorway was my favorite of the series so far. I bought 3 at time time, I wish I had bought the 4th. Still have the 3 in their original shrink.

    The orange and black colorway from I think Fall 2009 catalog that didn't get made probably would've been my favorite.
  • I like this catalog's colorway a lot. I wonder when it'll be back in stock though. I guess you wouldn't want to sell one of those shrinked ones huh?
  • Oh yeah, that's a nice one too. I've decided that I don't care what the colors are. I just love the shape.
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    So, I was poking through one of my other computers and found an image from a few catalogs ago. I snagged this off the skate one site at the time. This was one of the colorways that didn't get made.


    Still radiates complete awesomeness. Skate One's art department NAILED this colorway. I was lined up to buy six of 'em.

    For giggles, here's the other lost colorway that didn't get made even though it made the catalog. I was ready to buy 4 or 5 of these too.

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