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Hey Powell Peralta fans. Have any of you ever painted graphics on your boards? I have done it a couple times. I used to paint pictures on my griptape back in the mid 80's. Steve Caballero has inspired me with his art to do a new deck. I am going to use an old Powell Peralta sticker for the graphic and I am going to paint it on a sanded down mini logo deck. I will definitly post some pics as it comes along.
Here is a pic of one I did before.
Sk8 on...



  • Oops my bad. Here it is

  • Here is one I did back in 98 I believe.

    These are some pics of one I finished this morning.

  • yea boy getting it done!
  • Brian, is that hand painted? Awesome job.

    Hell, with skills like that you should do repos. Not sure what the legalities are, but taking blank modern decks and putting old school graphics on them. I'd buy one.
  • Nice work Brian. How are you doing this, what does the process consist of and what do you use product wise?
  • For most of my art work I use ink and color pencils. I found these great paint pens from Sharpie and Elmers. I basically draw it out lightly with a pencil and then fill it in with the paint. Thanks for all the compliments guys. I always thought that sticker would make a cool deck graphic so I gave it a shot. Glad you like it.
  • if powell had a board like that id buy it but im sure it would end up on a 8 inch+
  • I saw that on FB! Very nice work bro! Hate to say it SOC but Brian's art kick the crap out of some of the graphics you got out now.
  • I'd buy that last graphic on a, 8.5 mini-logo for sure.
  • Thanks noskool. Are you FB friends with Cab or in my friends list? I think it would be a cool welcome back Stacy deck. Maybe on the Cab dragon and bats shape?
  • Brian I saw it through Cab. It would be a sweet deck for Stacey! It screams classic 80's like the Vato Rat! You should take orders, I'm sure plenty of dudes would send you ML's to paint for them.
  • yea i think ppl would buy a bunch of them
  • I don't think our friends at Powell Peralta would like that too much. It's a little bit of a trademark violation. Maybe if we are lucky they will start putting some of their old 80's sticker graphics on decks. Maybe a deck with a collage of old school stickers. That would be crazy!
  • yea that would be dope too
  • from concept to finish that deck came out great. i'm really into large, basic graphics. especially the steyck stuff. seriously, it looks great. and diy deck art has always been a thing. and over the last few years there was a big trend in the surf world of paint pen board art. it generated a lot of cool stuff. it's all about what makes you stoked to ride.

    on another note... i see that the ML deck came from a vans store. it's interesting b/c out of all the shops in my area, the vans store seems to have best selection of SOC stuff. especially ML decks and bones wheels.
  • sorry to keep rambling, but another reason i like it so much is that it is using an iconic graphic in a way it has not been used before. it's not just a pig-to-popsicle reissue. don't get me wrong, i love the rodriguez now, the new school ripper and the vato rat 8.5 that was offered, but there's something refreshing about seeing art from that era being used in a new way. i think the BL series is pretty cool too.

    and sort of related... any news on the phread conrad ML artist series decks?
  • Thanks Chachi. Back in the 80's my friends and I used to paint pictures on our grip tape with paint pens. Now it's fun to make your own custom decks. skate on.
  • Maybe you could make one with snake skin, and maybe a skull and snake on it. Nick would be very happy :-)
  • While we're making about whipping me up a few Flammable Bones T-shirts?

    Sorry....I will not rest until I get my shirt.
  • I want them to reissue the handplanting skeleton sweat pants
  • I did this one in my note book at work.
    My fiance's daughter loves Mickey Mouse, so I made her a Mickey Bones
    A little Powell Peralta hot rod
    I did this one for Cabs son
    I just finished this version of the dragon and bats dragon.
  • hey brian any chance of doing a deck for me with that cab logo from just above? email me at so we can chat about this
  • Amazing Brian! Hey SOC, got room for one more in the art department? Thanks for sharing brother & keep em coming!
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