Ray Barbee 20yrs Vans

Posted by Tommy Guerrero Video by Kurt Hayashi. Ray doing what he does best, enjoy!


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    Lance, Rune, Tom and Angel skate THE pool. Worth the waste. http://bit.ly/iiJMUs
  • I don't care how many times I have seen PD, or how many times I have listened to Absence of Sanity.....the opening riff of Weakness gets my blood pumping. The ultimate skate song. Through all the years and all the videos put out by different companies, EVERYBODY knows the "Rubber boys" sequence. It was such a monumental moment for many of us. That opening riff, watching a new era of street skating being born with all the foot tricks on display in that sequence.

    To me, that is one of the most important video moments in modern skateboarding.
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    Tommy G Record Release. http://bit.ly/gAJpej
  • love all the powell videos chris but i'd have to say for me every part of hokus pokus is extremly memorable. especially the sal barbier,ocean howell and matt hensely parts.........please dont smite me
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