New Catalog

Some nice new boards, good work. Love Mike Vs new decks. Is there any future plans to make the Skull and Snake graphic in regular colors without the funky backlight look? Like a traditional white skull, green snake and yellow lightning? Would look alot better and you could mix up the background colors.


  • love the future primitive deck in the faded red & the matching shirt. defenetly will be getting both of those. and thanx for the mike v lightning bolt in silver!!! ive been wanting that deck forever. the bones shred shirt, streetstyle and BL snake shirt are aso pretty awesome. this is a great catalog. =)
  • Stoked!!!!! The Bones Shred shirt is back!!!! Woooohoooo!! This is definately the best catalogue yet!!
  • ARGHHH!!! The Street bones shirt is of the two I have been BEGGING for, and now that it's finally on the site, it says "sold out"? WTF? When is it going to be in stock?
  • They should be in soon, just waiting for the first run.
  • wish you would offer all these shirts and hoodies n 2xl, not all of us aged well from th e80s and 90s lol
  • What about the FP stirt? I don't see it on the site anywhere.

    Also, any chance of the Flammable Bones shirt....ever? Bring back that shirt and I'll find religion.
  • all they need now is the shirt right nick haha
  • does anyone know how many of these (in Red only ) were reissued?

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