A Bones Brigade movie?

With the documentary on the BB coming, it makes me wonder if there will be an outright movie based on the guys. You figure Stacy directed the documentary on the Z-Boys, and that eventually turned into a movie. The BB was the second coming of skateboarding, the next leap forward in modern skateboarding. Being an 80s/90s skater myself, obviously I would LOVE to see a movie and can't wait to see the doc.

Just kind of wondering out loud.


  • yeah that would be great, im sure the documentery has to prove to be successful first, which.. im fairly certain it will be.
  • I could totally play Craig Steceyk. I could lose a couple pounds and I already have his hair style. Haha!
  • I personally think alot of it is dependent on how skate culture develops in the next few years, if there is decent money in it for them they might. Maybe chances are it might happen with the recent trend of re-issue decks and new decks that have actual shape to them starting to come on stronger again.
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