Ray Barbee Ragdoll

I would really love if you guys put out a Ragdoll in the next set of re issues. I think its a killer graphic with a killer shape. Just my 2 cents, light blue or pink dip.. anyone else agree?


  • Would be great but I would be suprised if they went and reissued a board that has already had a run of reissues a few years back. Never hurts to ask I guess.
  • Sorry guys. Ray only signed off for the release of one color. Lance also did with the grey Future Primitive deck. Maybe someday they will give the ok for more.
  • Or do a reissue of the hydrant deck...
  • Too bad, ya the hydrant deck would be killer.
  • "Ray only signed off for the release of one color." Eh? Powell released that one twice, first in dark blue than in black.

    I agree a hydrant would would be cool I love my og.
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