Mini-Logo SOC 126 k12 holes off center

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I purchased a new Mini-Logo soc 126 k12 from Zumiez about 2 weeks ago, when I started skating it last week I notice the board pulled to the left pretty bad. I checked for any warping but the deck was straight as can be. I then changed my trucks thinking it was a bent kingpin or something, it stilled pulled. Yesterday I notice that my right rear wheel stuck out more than the left. After measuring my trucks and then the board itself, I found out that the holes for the rear truck are drilled almost 1/4 inch further to the top right. I know, I'm stupid for taking all that time to notice that it was the board and not my trucks, but I have never had a Mini-Logo drilled out of whack before and believe me, I have gone through a ton of Mini-Logo boards. Is there anything I can do now that I have skated the board twice or am I hosed?


  • I'm sure if you took it back to Zumiez, they would take care of you.
  • Zumiez said it needed to go through Skate One.
    I emailed Skate One and "Kam" wants me to ship it to back but I have to pay for shipping!?!? That's troubling to me, I have been a loyal customer of Mini-Logo for 7 years now, buying at least 1 board a month. This is the first time I have had a problem with a deck from them. My image of their customer service is now bad due to this policy of having the customer pay to ship their defect back.
  • yea but they will probably replace it i think that is worth the shipping..
  • It makes no sense to me. I have to pay more money due to their error. They make great boards so I doubt people send them back very often. When there is an obvious issue like this, I think it is justified for Skate One to pay for shipping. I understand that there may be people that break a board and blame it on a factory defect, in that case, yes the buyer should pay for shipping because it's not obvious if there ever was a defect.
    I guess the point I'm trying to make is, when I sent the email to customer service about my concerns, I received a generic email stating:

    "I received your e-mail and am sorry to hear you have had a problem with your deck. Our decks have a lifetime warranty which protects them against manufacturing defects. However, since no deck of this type can be made indestructible, and since we cannot control the way our decks are used, we do not guarantee our decks against breakage or abuse." BLAH BLAH BLAH

    In my email to them, I stated that the board had a drilling issue, I never even said the board broke. It isn't broken, it's defective.
    The customer service department is usually very good. I am just disappointed that my issue was ignored.
  • Just wondering if anyone from Skate One would like to comment?
  • we are here to replace a problematic deck but first we have to see it. we can not do anything with out seeing the deck. peoples description of the deck compared to what actually happened to the deck is generally incorrect so that is why we ask to send it in. unfortunately since you are not local you have to send it in. we are generally very good about shipping out deck replacements the same day we receive the deck return. sorry you are upset but it is a company policy. i would ask zumiez to send it in for you and we will sent it directly back to your residence. zumiez has always helped their customers in the past and its shocking to hear that they didnt help you this time around.
  • That's all I was looking for, a personal response. The original response via email didn't even pertain to my problem, your company is better than that. I understand that you can't trust anyone these days and without seeing it you can't believe it. It doesn't matter anyway. The board broke yesterday. From now on, I just need to be sure to check for those things before buying now.
  • sorry we were not so personal before. we have a write up that is for the general public for general questions and didnt mean for it to come off the way that it did. we are sorry that you had the problem with your board and couldnt get it to us in time to be replaced for you. if you do have any issues with your products you can always give us a call here or just hit us up via email. keep rippin and we will do our best to serve any of your skate boarding needs in the future.
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