Mini Logo Grip

Are you guys going to have the 10 inch wide grip back in stock anytime soon?




  • I just ordered some for my Caballero Mechanical Dragon Deck 10x31,Indy 169, & G Bones.i got it from another etailer. I'm not gonna advertise for em. But its easy to find if ya google it.
  • just put 2 sheets together, that's what my local shop did. They even covered the top graphic :-)

    Looks cool though on my Ray Underhill
  • If ya do find the grip be sure and take your time applying it. I was out side in cooler air and in a hurry to get on the board now im popping bubbles w a razor lol.
    It looks fantastic! Next time around ill try to be sure and get the tape warm first and maybe use a fine spray mist of water and a roller :)
  • Yo, you can grip it the old skool way with any single sheet even if the deck is 10" wide. As long as it's a fish shape like a Caballero Street for example.
    Place the sheet sideways across the widest section and cut to fit. Cut another section from the remaining grip for the nose (regular orientation) and line it up with the sideways grip.
    Use the leftover grip to do the rest of the deck as per normal (leave the top logo uncovered).

    Sorry this sounds mightily confusing, I will put a video up soon on as I'm about to grip a Variflex Jeff Jones in this way.
  • Do stripes. Stripes rule. Always do stripes on my boards.
  • The Mini Logo Grip Tape is available again in 10.5".
  • The Mini Logo grip is tight!
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