Great news on the graphics front for Powell!!

This from Steve Cabs twitter feed: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson is now back working @ Powell Peralta!


  • gotta love when things come full circle
  • What????????? It looks like everyone is flying back to the nest! Happy days ahead gentlemen.......
  • got that right
  • Let the sun-shine!
  • I hope I never wake up from this dream..
  • I wonder if this opens the door for more reissues, or reissued graphics with no rider name.

    I remember someone talking before about how everybody needed to sign off on a reissue, the rider, PP, and I believe the artist. But I don't remember if that means the rider "owns" the graphic as well as his name...or just his name. Granted I wouldn't really want a Lance Mountain Crest deck if it didn't say Lance Mountain on it....but I wonder if we wouldn't see more graphics come back. Maybe an old rider deck with Powell Peralta instead of the riders the same text type.

    Just thinking out loud. Either way, this is awesome news. VJC is back with PP. I always felt that PP would have remained the number one skate company if it hadn't become trendy for kids to start skating "skater owned" decks. It's the easiest way to take down the number one company, come out with a similar product and market yourself in such a way that you are the "individual" and make the number one company seem "un-cool". Which is what happened.

    Vision did it to themselves by becoming the poser brand, placing their products in places like JC Penny.....which made them very uncool. No true skater wanted to be seen wearing the same clothes as the posers. I remember kids wearing brand new VSW shoes with no ollie holes, shirts with no sweat stains, and pants with no tears or rips in the knees.....and if they DID own a deck, it was completely blemish free with every protective guard you could drill to a deck.

    Anyway....glad to see he is back. Not sure how I got off on a rant there.....I suppose I tend to do that.
  • perhaps now we'll start seeing decent graphics again
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    Bill - were you even alive when Stacy and VCJ were involved with Powell?

    just jerking your chain, carry on (insert smiley face emoticon). i'm as stoked as anyone to see VCJ back in the mix.
  • haha well he made my skull and sword graphic so im stoked when it comes to that
  • yep - same here.
  • Im not opposed to seeing what else he can come up with! I love ALL of his old work.
    But some new stuff would be very interesting.
  • Wow, great news! Can not wait to see new stuff.
  • Holy s@#$t this is great news.... So many good things will open up because of this. The future looks great for us fans no doubt.
  • I'm thinking there is gonna be a rush of old pros coming back to the nest. In Australia, old school boards are making a massive comeback. I think the kid's are seeing that boards had an individual shape to the pro who rode it back in the day. There eyes are opening to the old way of skateboarding!!!!!!!!
  • Boner.. that massive comeback started down here around 2003
  • The key was Stacy coming back. Of course George starting the reissues under Powell Classic was the first step, but Stacy coming back was really the sign that things are coming full circle.
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    It takes a while for things to reach Australia Doc! I'm just happy it's reached here finally.Unless your in Australia! I've only been back on the board since 2007.
  • This is awesome news!
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