Just An Idea for an accessory

I have been complimented on this many times.I use it on a daily basis at work.I love everything about it except over time liquid works its way under the sticker.(I hate messin up a COOL sticker) I would really love to have a printed version so it would last forever.I would be good for about three or so. Nothin like a morning spot at the skatepark on a brisk morning ! Thank You for any consideration...Maybe for X-Mas this year !!! ?????



  • This may or may not help but ill throw it at ya. In the future try cleaning your cups, thermoses etc extremely well. Then use alcohol to wipe the surface as clean as possible. Allow to dry then apply your sticker.
    Its probably common sense to ya but none the less its always helped me :)
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    id be down for that of course there would have to be different graphics
  • you should work for a promotional/ branding company camera.. youve done well here
  • Actually I work in a -20º freezer every night,thus the need for hot liquids !Thank you for the compliment on the photo's ! I've been involved since High School (a long long time ago).It has been a fun hobby over the years !!!
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    well shit that didnt work

  • I can't see it. I feel left out.
  • image got deleted off the image shack server
  • Bummer... I wanted to see it, too.  What was it?
  • Is anyone as confused as me?
  • This will probably seem like a complete waste of time to some but I was trying to embed Powell's insta feed like I have done on the free forum I created... Anyways you can't even delete a post here and I digress to the the original topic of this thread
  • And now I am even more confused Muddy!
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    I have both Bones brigade and Powell peraltas Instagram feed embedded in the forum I created.. Its live and anything they post shows up without any effort... Was just attempting to do the same here. Didn't work booo

    But at the same time bringing topics and members from the past to the present
  • Muddy, don't say boo in the same day as Ghostie, it's a bit worrying that Ghostieitis is contagious;-P
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