Who's the list for the Powell Peralta Documentry???

So far I have seen, Mike V, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk,Lance Mountain, Ray Barbee, Steve Cab and Steve Steadham.
Are we gonna see Rodney Mullen, Tommy G, Steve Saiz, Frankie Hill,Bucky Lasek, Kevin Harris and Per Welinder?


  • yea mullen should be there cause he was in all the photos along with a few others
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    ~ via Glen E. Friedman ~
    Awesome Bones Brigade doc pics from the set: bit.ly/hTnJyk
  • Thanks for the link DaRule.
  • Welcome, been saving my nickels & dimes anticipating the return of the Bones Brigade... can't wait!
  • I HOPE the video is like 10 hrs long. I want a full history on everyone in the video. I literally could spend 10 hrs watching this without blinking!!
  • Staab should be in it as well..

    anyone who was in the BB Video Show & Chin should be in it imo
  • bucky needs to be in it lol u should go to the vans website and read his interview on there haha
  • Who should be featured with full profiles (the main focus): Mountain, Hawk, Cab, McGill, Tommy G, Mullen, and Stedham.

    Who should be featured secondary: Harris, Mike V, Barbee, Hill, Lasek, Underhill, Siaz, Weilender.

    Anybody else who was featured in, BB, FP, AC, PD, BT, and Propaganda should be interviewed.
  • sounds good to me
  • Its already decided on who is gonna be in it im sure. I just hope Stacey sees this ''Make it as long running as possible. Like a two or three DVD set.

    Does Stacey have a website ,facebook or some other way of being contacted?
    Id really love to contact him.
  • probably fb
  • I reckon he'd have enough stalkers as is Kev

    The only thing I want extra is the behind the scenes making of it.. same as the new BB Video Show & Chin extra disks.
    Im a massive fan of behind the scenes stuff :)
  • Yeh i guess he may have a few. Id hate to bother him. Hes still a legend in my book!
  • Yea, I would love to see the doc, then have an extra DVD with a bunch of behind the scenes stuff, out takes, and whatnot.

    I still wonder if this isn't a potential stepping stone towards a full on movie. You figure the Dogtown/Z-Boys doc spawned Lords of Dogtown, maybe a BB doc will spawn a movie. I've always believed that while the Z-boys "invented" skateboarding....the BB brought it to the modern era and brought it to the masses. The two most important eras in the history of skating.
  • Now that is a really good idea!
  • Would be so stoked to see a summer tour 2011/2012! A boy can dream right?
  • the good ol Smith wrist guards
  • Check out this little gem from '88. Sweet lime green Cab & an awesome yellow McGill snakeskin! Dam I miss the 80's.. Thanks Larry,
    ~ via Larry Ransom ~
    Cab, Hawk, McGill & Peralta in Australia, 1988: vimeo.com/23586958
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