Frankie hill documentary

Has anyone been watching these? cool short doc by nate sherwood its a 10 part series heres the link pretty cool.


  • Very interesting. Im glad to see he is still skating!
  • it's excellent, he says that riding for Powell Peralta was the best times of his life. You can tell that he really misses riding for them, and is striving to make it to the top again.
    His bag of tricks is getting bigger by the week........not bad for a street skater who is pushing 40.
  • I hope the episodes keep coming!
  • all 10 episodes are there
  • i watched em all :) and i still wanna see more
  • I can't believe how old some of us are getting. He is a true legend of skateboarding, and his parts were so sick I couldn't wait for PP to come out with a new video to see what kind of sick shit he was going to pull.

    It's funny, you see a lot of older skaters today pretty much pulling the same tricks and skating with the same style as they did during their prime.....which is cool I think. I love watching Vallely NOT trying to be one of today's skaters...he's still riding the same style and doing most of the same tricks he did 20 years ago. But when it comes to Frankie Hill, he was so far ahead of his time, he can pull his old tricks out and they are still sick by today's standards.

    To me the two brightest street stars were Barbee and Hill. Ray brought the smoothness and style, Frankie brought the balls out, go for it all mentality. Gonz and Natas may have been the pioneers, but Hill and Barbee were the guys who really put the nail in vert skating, at the time.

    Seriously, that court to court, dirt hill gap is still the sickest gap I have ever seen. I swear he actually flew.
  • I'd just like to see one pro today do that dirt gap with the same board.
  • I'd like to see any pro do half the shit he pulled on an 80s board.
  • Haha!! For sure chris. It'd be funny to watch.
  • * Chris
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    I'd like to see any pro do half the shit he pulled on an 80s board.

    Haven't you watched the Quicksilver 80's Vert Day stuff? Hawk, Hosoi and all the guys bust more than half their tricks on old school boards.
  • I can't speak for Boner, but I am talking about "today's pros", not pros today that were pro back when 10" flat tails were the standard. I'm talking about the post 90s pros. Shecker may be one of the best (park) skaters in the world today, but I don't see him nailing that gap...or pulling the flip variations and rails that Hill was doing 20 years ago.

    But yes, I do enjoy the 80s vert contests....they are fun to watch the older pros skating their old gear.

    Like I said, back then hand rails, huge gaps, and 10+ stairs were not the norm, they were just starting to come into play. And Hill was dominating them, he was well ahead of his time, and those tricks still hold up today. You don't see many guys doing boneless flairs off curbs any more, or no-complys. You see flips, rails, and big gaps....shit Hill was doing 20 years ago. And to make it more difficult, he was doing it on a 10" wide deck with a flat tail, stub nose, much less concave...and a LOT heavier.

    I respect the shit out of the pros today, but I don't think they could do what Hill did with what he had to work with. Just my opinion, but as awesome as the "rubber boys" segment and the "Mariano, Diaz" segment was.....watching Hill skate back then was just insane. Back when Public Domain, Ban this, or Propaganda came out...I know my friends and I would watch most parts and go out and start learning what they did. But the Hill segments brought out a lot of "F-that, there's no way I'm trying that....even if I could find a gap that big". We didn't have the internet, youtube, the X-games, or skater designed parks. We had to wait until the next video came out to see what the pros were doing, then go learn those tricks. I would see the other segments for ideas....I would watch the Hill segments in complete awe.
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    What Chris said is exactly what I meant. Well said mate.
  • Yeah that is true for street for sure, especially for the modern pros! I dare say that some of today's vert guys could hang on an old school though but not the streeties!
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    has frankie ever hit Bob Burnquists mega ramp?

    no matter what, you dont gotta set till youve hit Bobs ramp lol

    (yes I havnt hit it :p)
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    got that right not to mention danny way's ramps
  • Or Buckey's Bowl, or Lance's Pool
  • Didn't Frankie hill break his arm trying a McTwist on a mini ramp once?
  • Nice collection, from the man himself. I just wish he was offering them individually instead of one big collection.
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