Skull and Sword Special

I just order the Skull and Sword from the "specials" section because they said it had a scratch, dent, or blimish. I can't find anything wrong with the board and I will start ordering more from the specials section. My favorite thing about this smaller, new school style board is that it still has the Powell Dragon on top to give it that old school style. Powell & Peralta Rules!


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    they dont show it on the site but u will see it when it gets to ur house but all boards get scratched so no big deal
  • I got a Rodriguez Now deck from the specials
    awhile back, & 4 the life of me couldn't find
    any scratches/defects period - just goes to show
    quality control isn't just lip service @ sk8 1...
    they mean biz-ness!
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    I too ordered one. The only thing wrong with it was the bottom of the deck where it says Powell is blurred (smeared, and not bad). But that will get scratch off as it gets used. And a Great deal.
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    Not Bad at all:
  • not a thing wrong with it obviously
  • shows the pp qc is alive & well
  • The blems are awesome. Back in 1987-88, I used to buy blem t-shirts for just a couple bucks a piece and then resell them at school. They were really messed up too. Sometimes a shirt would have a hawk and a mcgill logo superimposed over each other. You never really knew what it would look like, but it was always a 1 of a kind. A few years ago I bought two silver/black ripper decks and a barbee ragdoll that had very minor blemishes, completely cosmetic. I ride one of the boards and the other one I hooked a buddy in santa barbara up with. The rippers were missing top logos and the barbee was just missing a small part of paint on the underside near the edge. Most people don't even know it's a blem unless you point out where is says "BLEM" between the truck holes. Great boards for the price. I wish other companies did the same.
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