new mini rats?

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does PP have any plans to re-issue mini rats?


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    no. the small wheel craze has been over for a few years. if any small wheels were to come out they would be offered by BONES.
  • small wheel craze?is over? have you taken a look at wheels lately?my mini-rats are wider(58/42mm) and the same size as the skull&sword wheels i have now(58/33mm) what constitutes as a "small wheel"?because i have seen some pretty small wheels being ridden today.
  • sorry i was thinking Rat Balls. those were mini! sorry for the misunderstanding but i will pass your request on to the sales department.
  • how bout some crossbones? those were the best..not too small. not as big as g-bones or semi truck size mini cubics..i know those wheels serve a purpose for early pig shape decks. but i always thought crossbones served as a good all around multi purpose wheel. especially for decks like the vallely or the cab street.
  • yea the Cross Bones are killer wheels and i feel the same, that they are great multi purpose wheels. ill tell the guys in product development but we sure cant add them to this catalog since its coming out tomorrow or next Tuesday.
  • thats cool, i understand. would be sweet to see em next time though. thanx
  • Man, Cross Bones were *the* wheel to have at the peak of Bones Brigade fever. I'd much rather have them over anything that's out now from Skate One (no disrespect, I've bought at least 2 dozen sets of classic and Bones wheels - but XB's are my fave)...
  • Add me to the request for Cross Bones (the second ones, the dual sided full Graphic ones) I am actually ordering some NOS ones this week.
  • we see no need to reissue a wheel that you can still purchase. like you said you just ordered some NOS ones this week. ill still pass on the request
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    NOS Cross Bones? Where?

    To be clear, I'm personally interested in these:


    Not the ginormous one's from the early 90's...
  • yeah but i think alot of people would like to "one stop shop" the whole board from one place. specificly "this place" and crossbones are not "easy " to find. anyway.. lets get some more colors for the current line up. how bout some hot pink g-bones like the pink colored crossbones in the pic above?
  • its too bad you guys dont sell independent trucks too. that would be perfect. have some 169's on here. sorry those trackers are weak.
  • Yeah they are pretty hard to come by. The ones I am after are the Cross Bones II's the "ginormous" ones as you put it.
  • ok i'll ask again.please make mini-rats!for those of you who want other wheels,start your own thread!
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