powell factory tour vids


dont know if anyone ever bothered to look it up on u tube but here u go


  • those were really cool to watch!
    THX for posting those links!
  • no prob i cant stop watching them myself
  • should get the Discovery Channel or one of those others show that do the "How they Build It" thing
  • the one with john ratzenberger (mailman from cheers) is from the discovery show "made in america" from a few years ago
  • new factory tour vids

  • Wow its a slick operation no doubt.. great vids, good job posting these up Billy, lookn forward to the next one.
    On a side note, GP is gettn old..
  • haha yea he isnt a young buck anymore but neither is alot of ppl there
  • Those were great to watch, true quality. This brings me to the question why wouldn't George Powell follow the same model Paul Schmitt is with PSStix. Powell could be producing decks with this quality to the entire industry as PSStix basically does. Seems logical and and you have to imagine this has crossed George's mind with the kind of operation he runs.
  • Imo if you concentrate on him when hes talking about their machinery, you can see that hes the engineer that gets a kick out of creating something that makes the job easier for mass production or for better quality.
    Each to their own sure, the way he talked about creating the press being air pressured & not hydraulic to me shows the passion.
  • agreed^ powell would rather innovate than duplicate ps stix is low quality actually
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    PS is a quality product, they feel a lot better under the feet than the PP reissues do when you are in a bowl, still both ride well & feel comfortable enough. Each to their own of course, im a carver & not a trickster like I was as a young fella.
    Powell have the large manufacturing process downpat like no other & produce a quality product, PS is a much smaller operation doing the same. This is my take on it.

    Like anything, PS v's PP is much the same as Holden v's Ford, McDonalds v's Burger King, Kmart v's Target, Billy v's Richard Simmons ..

  • Yeah cool videos. It's kind of a trip to think that my board came from those very machines
  • Wonder when the Peralta directed tour will come out?
  • Richard Simmons ..lol
  • dont hate me because im fabulousimage
  • I feel incredibly sorry for those pillows
  • I feel sorry for Richard having to put up with Billy
  • just awesome

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    I own a small factory in Oklahoma. The amount of fine tuning George has done on his products is very impressive. The custom made bladder press is awesome. Also, it seems as if he is uber sensitive to the dust from production or he has acid reflux.The clearing of the throat is a real drag in a dusty environment.
  • So cool!
  • That's rad. Always makes me cringe when squares try to sound like skaters, lol
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