Does anyone know about Ray 'Bones' Rodriguez?

Does anyone know any biographical info about Ray 'Bones' Rodriguez? I can't find anything on the internet about him.
Specifically, I'd like to know:
when did he join/leave the Bones Brigade or Powell?
what has he been doing since the early 1980's?
Is he featured in any Powell videos?

Any info would be cool to know :)




  • Well on the history page here:

    1977 First Bones wheels introduced. Ray Rodriguez rides for Bones.

    Also Ray was in the Bones Brigade Video show and Future Prim. Not sure what e is up to now. Prob has a FB page.
  • he was also in a band and is good friends with punk rock legends rancid (lucky bastard)
  • thanks people - I'll check that out ;)
  • I can't find him in the credits of any of the first seven powell videos.

    There seems to be two people named Ray 'Bones' Rodriguez who turn up in Google results. One does adverts for McDonalds and voice-over work. The other is the punk rocker

    There's no Ray 'Bones' Rodriguez on Facebook but there's dozens of Ray Rodriguez'

    He's a slippery fish...

    Anyone got any firm info?


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    Hes more of a 70's dude.. im fairly certain hes in the video as well, just not featured.

    see if you can pick which one he is here..

  • ray is indeed a punk
  • Hey Dr Freedom,

    Cool pic ;)

    I'd say he's there on the far right if the following is anything to go by:

    I'll have to watch the BB dvds again and see if I can spot him...

    There's still seriously little bio info about him on the web compared to the other BB members.


  • Hes on faceplant (facebook)
  • You'll be happy to hear he's working on an interview, and should have some new pictures with the upcoming article. He's been a busy father and has been touring with his band and riding motor cross. He has been skating a bit lately so maybe you can catch a glimpse of him in a So Cal skate park.
  • Animal Chin said it best!
  • Anyone wanting to know about Ray Bones, believe it or not, I'm his nephew. I never really saw him much, and never knew who he really was until I started skating. Never knew my uncle was part of the Bones Brigade or any of that until he saw me skating outside one day and told me all about it. Right now, he is still married to my aunt, Jill, and has two kids, Rachel and Ryan, whom I see all the time. They live in Corona, CA. I don't know much about what he's been up to lately. I don't think he plays with Manic Hispanic anymore. I try to keep in touch with him, but he rarely shows at family functions. I mainly rely on my aunt for information, but it doesn't sound like he's been up to very much lately.
  • Just saw him play with the x members last night!!
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    Just saw Ray play a few weeks ago. I know he's living in HB with his girlfriend Debi. Still skating and still playing music
  • I've seen Ray play, he's great. I've also seen Ray Barbee play with Alva. RB surprised the hell out of me. He's very talented! I've never seen Tommy G play, but ALL his stuff in the Skate soundtrack is brilliant!
  • You'll be glad to hear a new deck shape and wheel are due out for Ray soon.  He has been busy lately skating and working.  You can see catch up with him in the Orange County magazine called Culture, where he has been doing some articles as a guest writer for the skateboarding scene.  He also has an interview coming out next month in the magazine.
  • Cool bananas Kam!
  • I guess that tickled your pickle Bartman!

    P.s. Rad deck!
  • Ray and Debe go to my church. See them all the time. He's a great guy. I heard he's doing skate ministry, editor for a magazine, and building ramps.
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