rib bones

Original rib bones will be produced this summer hopefull in cool colors. Anything but orange.


  • Was that speculation, fact, a request, or hope?

    Just curious. :)
  • It's on PP facebook with a give away.
  • blue would be dope
  • Im just thankful they are making black and white - I doubt they will do more colors because Im pretty sure the demand just isn't there like in the 80's

    $35.00 Dollars for Rib Bones on EBAY is highway robbery, Im glad Powell is doing this for us
  • edited May 2011
    the old distributors (most should know about) still have og stock
  • Dr. Freedom:
    Do you mind telling me which distributors? I can't find the old Rib Bones anywhere except Ebay and on Ebay they are $35.00 Bucks a pop. Old School Skates only has the Orange Thin Ribs just like the SKATEONE Store.. thank you.
  • rib bones in stock now.... black and white .... original shape 14.5s
  • new catalog will be off the hook for sure
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