Cored SPF wheels

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I have recently purchased a set of 60mm SPF black core wheels (NOS) from ebay. They look like they have the same core as the ATF wheels. I am still awaiting delivery from the USA.. I am living in Australia.

Can you tell me when these wheels were made and were they experimental? If so why were they not continued.

By the way, just been mucking around with 56mm SPF on the front and 56mm STF on the back ala slalom for my slippery sections at the park. Will let you know !!


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    they were made years and years ago and nope not experimentals and skateone always changes stuff around they can stop making a product in a second if they dont want to continue it which kind of sucks but their company lol the wheels are over 5 years old i do believe those were the last core wheels to be made so u got a gem
  • I have been using the 60mm SPF black core wheels quite a lot.They are as fast as the latest formula SPF's but have have quite a bit more grip. They feel softer and very smooth. Any idea what duro they are? They have a similar feel as the Type S 58mm Bucky Lasek wheel.. but are quieter and smoother. Fantastic Wheels!!
    I'm guessing they are around 100a
  • spf wheels are 84b
  • Not these ones..
  • maybe atf then
  • Pretty sure these are the wheels that came out in 2001 with the ATF wheels. They are "black core SPF" wheels. Same shape and same core as the ATF.

    Anyway they sure are good!
  • yea i remember when they came out that was when the bones wheels line was getting revamped by rob. pierre luc gagnon was riding for the team back then and he too had cored spf wheels
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