Old P&P Clothing

so, i was just watching Propaganda and Ban This today and seeing all the old Bones sweatpants and the shorts makes me really miss them lol. I'm glad a lot of the old shirts have been re-issued, but i'm hoping for those sweatpants and shorts. I still have a blue pair of sweats with the rat bones down the legs. But they are so worn. Anyone else want this to happen? C'mon Skate One.. please??? :)


  • I CONCUR - I wrote Powell an email 3 years ago and begged for those sweats. Those sweatpants were nasty.. I would buy at least 3 pair.

    YES Powell - P L E A S E. please PLEASE : ) : ) : ) ? ?
  • they do indeed need to make pants and shorts again but legit shorts not none of those daisy duke things from the 70s
  • Hahahahahahahaha, dam Bill can't stop laughing about that daisy duke comment!! So true though, keep it legit... 
  • nothing beats the one off sweat stained Hawk shirt for 2k ..

    that alone should be inspiration enough to get them redone :)
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