new large printing on pp shirts



  • well the mcgill and vallely and cab shirt graphics look bigger than normal to me maybe it is just me though
  • puff puff give Bill.. dont be fkn up the rotation now :)
  • I think I hit some of that....because I thought Bill was initially saying that the shirts have the large logo on the FRONT of the shirts now. I suppose Mike McGill would be happy if they did that.
  • well the back of the shirts look like they got bigger print on them but guess it is just me
  • I think they do as well Billy.. well a little bigger than normal anyways
  • yea!!!!the mcgill and vallely shirts are the ones that really stand out
  • edited June 2011
    The vallely one caught my eye as well.. its probably the obvious one of the bunch.
    I too prefer the larger print on the front compared to the back.

    I bought ripper reish shirt, the print on the back is much larger than the one I had in the 80's.. my mate said the same thing, & he wasnt stoned either :)
  • now i dont feel like a jackass lol id love to see those graphics on front print shirts with nothing in the back
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