Summer catalog

Just curious when the summer catalog is coming out? Any new decks or surprises???


  • should be within the next month or so
  • Flammable Bones shirt...flammable bones shirt...flammable bones shirt...
  • please, no more pig nose mcgills.. snakeskins instead thanks :)

    also a Guerrero reish as well would be good
  • Next Catalogue - August/September
  • Yea that's what I was thinking. If I remember correctly, the trend is a new catalog in the Spring, and one in the Fall. Other than that they put new items on the web every few months or so, but only two full catalogs per year.
  • yep i miss the summer catalogs
  • new minilogo graphic wheels and pink gbones are up
  • Those Pink G Bones are SWEEET!
  • thank god... now we just need the mcgill snakeskin deck in purple or yellow and im set. ;)
  • AND colored minilogo wheels need to be back as well
  • I love the purple and blue G bones. ID LOVE TO SEE YELLOW T BONES!!!!!!
    Id buy those asap!
  • new purple gbones soon
  • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Thanks for sharing that - Man, the new catalogue is gonna be good, I gotta feeling
  • new o.g. rib bones coming
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