HUGE NEWS! (brace urself!!!)

Read the bottom :D


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    excellent.. Ill be forking out for the entire set
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    those boards will be sold out in no time.....really good time for that snakeskin graphic
  • Sooooo stoked!!! Anyone know when the film is actually supposed to be finished and released?? but Awesome news !
  • Here's hoping for a black dip, red graphics FP reissue. The silver was nice, but I really want a black/red reissue.
  • we need kam or someone to chime in to let us know when we can place orders n stuff.. a headsup before they hit he shelves
  • damn, i need!
  • Best news i have heard all year!
  • wow, that is good news.
  • Hope they do not sell out before they even get posted on the site.
  • yeah PP c'mon and give your forum members a heads up before they hit the shelves!
  • Watch all the Hawk and Guerrero boards flood Ebay as soon as the word gets out.
  • This is freakin awesome. Can't wait!
  • I'm hoping for the Pink blue color way Guerrero
  • I am waiting to find out any news about actual graphics and decks that will be available after the BB documentary releases. Once I know the schedule, I will try to post it on the site, and will be able to take backorders for those who want to pre order. I'm sure the decks will go fast and since they are limited, there is a possibility to have them sell out before they hit the site. I will also be requesting a few signed items for the GFL benefit series for those interested. Email me at for any direct questions.

    Upcoming soon:
    new updated G-Bones Graphics.
    The gas attendant jacket should be in soon.
    New VCJ graphic for Jordan Hoffart
    New Mike Vallely Mini Complete
  • Ive lined up (emailed Kam) in the que for a pre ordered set of decks
  • i think everybody should get it done asap
  • Sent my mail too, if pre-order is possible, I'm in
  • Me too...
  • the pp facebook said the documentary will possibly be done in december
  • I would be down to Pre Order as well.
  • yep. count me in. i sent kam an email.. i would love a new future primitive in something other than grey.. and i want a TG flamming sword, Mullen chess deck, and Hawk chicken skull that i can actually skate and scratch up and shred for under $1000.00.
  • ALSO* any word on an ETA of the hoffart VCJ graphic? and..more importantly is it going to be an old school shape?? or new school??
  • probably will be ns since that is what he skates
  • super-stoked to read this thread! please make sure you have enough ready and really available to the fans, also in europe (germany). would be hell on earth if they sell out in a few hours just to see them popping up on ebay for insane prices... can't wait!!! 
  • I feel the forum is about to get a whole lota new members
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