HUGE NEWS! (brace urself!!!)



  • I hope they come out with the snakeskin McGill & not the pig Hawk
  • What's the go with the red pig McGill reish as part of the doco deck set? Like..wasn't that board already re released?? Can't help but feel a little ripped off. I've seen yellow, blue, white, black and red pig shaped McGills..and no snakeskin love to be seen. I suppose the wheel wells are a new touch, maybe that's the new spin on McGills deck
  • the only differences I can see (from the pics) is the addition of the wells, old school truck holes & it doesnt appear to have "reissue" on it like the previous reissues have
  • plus it has the eyes
  • If you look closely at the Cab deck it says "Brigade-Issue" instead of "Re-Issue" or "New-Issue". I assume all the decks, once produced, will have it too.
  • ah I didnt see that

    good job sk8r
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