Skating Gumballers

I found on the Gumballers site plenty of old pro's whove already Gumballed.. I can see myself doing this in the future, whose in!

Willie Santos drove in one of them with Bucky.. what a blast!!


  • Bam did it too in a Lambo with his friend who died recently

    Gumball has become a bit of a circus lately but must indeed be fun to do :-)
  • what exactly is it
  • edited July 2011
    its a real life Cannonball run Billy
    I only found it as my little brother is going to enter it the next year hopefully .. NY to LA

    yea XA, Bam has entered his lambo into a few of them.. Ryan Dunn did one with him & one with this other guy.
    Same as Hawk from what Ive read.. done a couple of them

    I woulda thought the circus is exactly what its meant to be, well its what I hope it is if I ever get into one :)

    Lasek has this ltd ed Birdhouse deck from 2004
  • alright a car race lol
  • actually the organizer insists on calling it a rally for obvious legal reasons :-)

    but it is basically indeed a race for the once driving supercars.

    The participants with the slow cars call it a rally :-)
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