The other cast members are not ignored in Bones

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Bones DVD is the best series ever produced. Absolutely brilliant, unpredictable sometimes, but I was very upset that Zack is not in the series anymore. Grey's Anatomy DVD The series has good humour, great stories; makes you laugh, shudder. The two main characters are perfect foils for each other: the brainy female awkward nerd anthropologist and the brawny ex-marine sharpshooter super FBI agent. One Tree Hill DVD The other cast members are not ignored. They all participate generously to the series and it's the better for it. Plus you can't ignore the pleasure of watching the 3 main female characters: not only are they talented they are a treat for the eyes. How I Met Your Mother DVD Michaela Conlin (free-spirited Angela who's TV dad is Billy Gibbons from ZZTop!!) makes my heart melt every time she smiles. Sons of Anarchy DVD
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