just a small question

i was wondering if it would cost anything to have one of the amazing graphic artists over there to do a graphic for my company? i have an amazing graphic idea and i know that the graphic artists over there are amazing and do the best board graphic art in the world!


  • thats a bit of a personal question. id say that you might have to be very close friends or have a nice fat wallet to get them to help you out. i personally have wanted some of the guys to draw me up a tattoo and they just seem to be way too busy to do anything other than Skate One graphics. i would work better if you knew any of them on a personal basis. ill draw one of you Bill:)

    P.S. call us, we got some DTF's for you to try out.
  • nice well ok see where i live our symbol is an owl and i was thinking of a owl graphic made just like the ripper but with the flag of the original settlers in the background and have the owl skeleton ripping thru it! id really like to have it as a future board graphic for my company
  • that sounds super original and im sure with a few hours behind a pen you could make it happen.
  • haha are u kidding? i cant draw worth a shit not to mention i dont have photoshop i am the king of ms paint though :D but im limited to what i can do with it
  • sorry to hear the Bill, im sure you will be able to find someone with some p-shop skills. let us know when you got it done!
  • yea i will ppl are slackers though
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