gnarley: the ben pappas story

Gnarly: The Ben Pappas Story has been funded by Film Victoria.

Australian Ben Pappas was once the world #2 skateboarder touring the international circuit and earning (a reportedly) sum of $15,000 a month.

In 1999 he was convicted of smuggling 103 grams of cocaine into Australia, but, to weigh any legacy he had left, was blamed for his girlfriend’s murder by her family in 2007.

Eight days after the murder of his girlfriend, 27, was found floating in a Melbourne suburban river, Pappas, 29, was found dead near the Melbourne’s Docklands precinct floating in the Yarra River.

It’s unconfirmed, though he’s believed to have scrawled “Love u LL”, “Mum” and “Nan” in the harbor concrete near where his body was found.

His girlfriend’s initials were L.P. and police at the time were searching for the connection to “LL”.

Funding for the true crime documentary was announced today by Film Victoria, no release date has been set.

“Ben Pappas, a self-proclaimed ‘bogan’ from Melbourne who rose to become one of the world’s best skateboarders, but whose downward spiral ended in tragedy,” the media release reads.

Ben and his brother Tas had at one time been ranked #1 and #2 skateboarders in the world.

Any documentary made will only speculate Ben Pappas’ final couple of weeks before his death as he was never convicted of his girlfriend’s murder.


  • yea sad story indeed.. Tas was a little more popular here than his brother Ben was, he was also #1 at the time too

    most know Bens story tho, its like he was our version of Gator, great rider, bad boy
  • edited July 2011
    yea i miss that dude alot what a shame ill never be able to meet him
  • the last line of your post will come to light.. when there is no conviction on these sorts of matters, the court of public opinion will make its call.
  • well he is dead so it isnt happening lol
  • edited July 2011
    the court of public opinion doesnt care if your dead or alive.. they make their calls regardless
    to that point, probably even more once the story of his life his the screen..

    humans, a very judgmental breed.. thank god im Klingon
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