mullen interview


  • It's funny, I always thought of top flight athletes as these guys who knew they were great, but had to kind of downplay it so they weren't viewed as egotistical jerks. Rodney just comes off as a guy who probably knows he is the greatest ground/street skater ever....but he doesn't REALLY realize it. Just the way he talks, it just seems like he doesn't grasp exactly how important he is. Everything he says is just so matter of fact with a tinge of "no big deal" to it.

    I mean, he must know how important he is to skateboarding.....but I don't think he fully believes it.
  • perhaps hes modest & comfortable with where hes at ..

    the flip side is the Bible, it does have a story about how & why the freestyling skeleton graphic has a crown.. that was a long time ago.
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