Mcgill snake skin?? please!!!



  • Marco...
  • ollie ollie oxen free
  • havent heard that in forever
  • I know right, heard it the other day on tv..
  • There won't be a snake skin reish until 2013 hopefully..imagine if you went back in time 7 years ago and told yourself that..gee whiz
  • plenty of zoo's with snakeskin in them, as well as the bush

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    It has to be a technical issue as to why they haven't released this deck. Basic economics suggests that if there is a demand for a certain product/ supply it - you make money, so I can't see any reason why they wouldn't reissue it from a money making stand point
  • It is cause they have a bunch of pre cut pig shapes and just heat transfer multiple designs onto them. So that cuts down on production cost and have a lot of supply around to release. Making more money that way. With the McGill Snake Skin shape there is not another design like it (shape wise) so it would not make sense to produce it cause it can only be use for one design. Ok that is just all a guess.
  • I want to know who the hell is buying McGill pigs.  I would be shocked if more than 50 have been pre-ordered.
  • It's all about the wheel wells!

  • yea the wells make it closer to og than any other reish does
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