new freestyle rider on powell-peralta

welcome kilian martin!


  • Wow, just watched his video....those one foot manuals were sick. He's one of those guys who just sees things differently, we see a tree next to a building and skate around it, he sees it, ollies up, plants one foot on the wall and one on the tree, does a wheel spin, and throws it down.

    Can't wait to see him progress even further.
  • He isn't just a freestyle skater, but its about time this guy got a major sponsor. Figured it might happen though because Mike V did a segment on him on his website.
  • Just checked his vid to Chris.. hes doing parkour whilst skating

    awesome rider
  • This guy is incredible << understatement! I was blown away with his style and his creativity. This guy is an Excellent for P&P!!!!
  • i just watched kilian martin : a skate illistration on youtube. holy s!@#t. i would sell my soul to the devil to be able to do half of the ridiculous shit he pulls off. the scene in the abandoned swiming pool.. is f!@%n EPIC!
    and that flip under foot, between a tree and wall made the hair on my neck stand up. i never thought i would ever see anyone give mullen a run for his money but this guy is a defenite contender and he's on Powell Peralta!!!!!! way to go Powell... who ever made that decision is taking the company in the right direction. these truly are exciting times.. makes me proud to have the ripper tattoed on my arm.. ( weeps)
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