Lance Mountain and Powell Peralta?

You guys think Lance will ever go back to Powell Peralta? Flip have one of the best skaters of all time on their team and they do nothing for him.


  • never say never i mean mike v came back so anything is possible
  • I would love to see Lance back under the powell banner..!
  • Maybe a Flip/ Powell Peralta merge will happen.. Flipping Powell Peralta

    Powell Flipping Peralta
  • let's hope not if anything id like to see birdhouse under skate one dist
  • Yea, that would be awesome....on both accounts. Birdhouse under the SOC umbrella, and Lance coming "home".

    Being a big sports fan, I love seeing players return to their original team....I guess I am very nostalgic, which really is what a lot of this movement is about. Seeing Lance back with PP would really be huge, especially if somehow Tony was re-associated.
  • well lance is already on bones bearings so he technically still has something to do with skate one
  • True, but if he came back to PP there are new decks. Imagine a modern deck with the Crest or FP graphics.....drool,
  • For some reason, l feel this will eventually happen. If Cab and Stacey sat him down and had a chat with him...
  • Didn't Flip built that pool in his backyard?
  • Birdhouse under SOC would be cool..

    market dominance may still once again be on the cards for PP
  • I agree Lance back with P&P would be great!. maybe someone should ask him and see what his thoughts are
  • FP re issue. Bring it!!
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