kilian martin VCJ deck!!

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make it. il buy 3 of em!!


  • lol .. nicko on the hot ones & cans
  • Id love to see one myself!! the guy is unreal!!
  • Ho tel
    Mo tel
    Holidays in..

    Id love to see Welly, Mullen & Killian in the same vid.. make it happen PP
  • dude..the f@#$n guy is majorly inspirational, and his style is like mullen on steroids in outer space on crack. it takes alot for me to get really psyched about a new skater but this guy is so f'n rad.. and to top it off he skates for powell peralta. the only thing that would make me more spyched is a VCJ deck with his old school inspired graphics.
  • Mullen doesn't have to be in every sentence describing Killian. Sure there are some similarities, but honestly Killian has his own style. He does things that ive never seen any freestyler do.
    Based on what ive seen in his videos, he obviously respects the old school and i think that is one of his coolest attributes. Killian is a Seriously Fantastic add to the P&P team. I belive hes is hands down the best skater ive seen in Years!
    Mullen is a skate god. not a reference. noone will ever be LIKE mullen.

    my two cents. not attacking your comment Nick :)
  • Rodney

    Its obvious his style is similar to Rodneys, I just like that fact that there is another freestyler back in the mix, instead of the typical 50 million kick flips done by street riders

    this pic has always made me laugh lol..

  • me i wasnt trying to discredit mullen by any means. he is and always will be the most important innovator in skating period but like Dr Freedom says.. its nice to see another freestyker back in the mix.
    and it is nice.. even better.. a freestyler that skates for powell.
  • sweet pic BTW Dr Freedom. is that welinder in the car??
  • sure does look like him if it isnt.
  • Ah, one of the things I miss about the 80s....girls wearing tight, short shorts. Things I don't miss about the 80s....guys wearing the same thing.
  • Chris LOL, spot on :)
    pussy seemed some much easier to come by in those days too..

    yea thats Welly in the car
  • I still get a good amount....unfortunately it's from the same person.
  • Hahaha!! Yeh Chris! Me too! With those shorts mate, ya cods would hang out of the side of ya strides, everytime you
    sat down ya board!
  • Here it is guys - new Kilian Martin VCJ deck!!!!  
    I really am hoping that Josh Hawkins get's one too! He deserves it!
  • lol Chris, again, im in the same boat

  • Hawkins is a lil overdue in my opinion. I am glad Martin got to turn pro dont get me wrong, he too was due. Maybe Hawkins is next and/or McClain.
  • Love Martin...not a big fan of the graphic..Mabee it will grow on me
  • I really like this kid...he's such a throw back.  He skates with such an 80s flair, and that 80s "I skate for ME and for fun" attitude.  Plus jamming to 7 Seconds....that's just a super plus.

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