i just bought 3 sets of those ditch tech formula wheels cause they are that amazing and seriously everyone needs to buy a set! they are perfect just like any other wheel that skateone makes! DTF OWNS U!!!! BUY A SET TODAY! SMOOTHEST,QUIETEST WHEELS THERE ARE! cant go wrong!


  • What surface do you normally ride on? I love my SPF's for the concrete parks! You'll have a hard time convincing me to give them up!
  • i skate the dtfs for their exact purpose which are ditches they are the perfect wheel for them! finallly a perfect wheel for ditch snakeruns and ditch banks wooooo
  • DTF's are a wheel you can ride in any condition. they are made for rougher surfaces or older concrete but would also be amazing in a pool or in some of the early still existing parks from the 70's and 80's.
  • yea so buy them!
  • well i hpoe they are as good as you say,cause i just bought a set!damm near broke my neck riding these dirty jersey streets!i need a wheel that eats asphalt and poops speed!:}
  • let us know what you think about them after you rip dirty jersey!
  • u can trust me
  • DTF also works great on slick indoor skatelite while still keeping speed. I love Bones wheels. SPF for Crete and outdo and DTF for indo
  • don't discontinue DTF's!!!
    try doing some different(slimmer) shapes.

    like noskool says^ - great wheel for dusty masonite and skatelite. fast and grippy.
  • as you already know the word has been passed on to me that they have to be discontinued. just think of the positives here though, you can now get a years supply of DTF's at discount on our specials page! heck, you can get even get two years worth of DTF's!

    hopefully we will come out with something similar but much much better.
  • there is no doubt about it! always innovative never duplicated
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