New Catalog

New catalog seems much like the last one unfortunately. All I can say is I hope the have some awesome limited release boards coming out that are not in the catalog otherwise looks like Im saving my money.

Dissapointed to see still same old reissues in different colors. Santa Cruz is killing it by comparison.


  • FALL CATALOG - F***inG W E A K

    W E A K

    The Cab deck is sick, the FP shirt is awesome, the red Vallely is going to get some use.....and again, the FLAMMABLE BONES shirt.

    Made my day.....granted it has been a bad day, but this turned it around. Very happy.
  • i knew about the flammable bones shirt for awhile couldnt wait to see ur reaction
  • Chris, for the life of me I cant see the flamable shirt or the red vallely.. or is it this deck you are talking about?

  • wheres the cab ban this dragon and sweatpants at!?
  • the flammable bones shirt is pretty rad though..
  • Oh yea, I am F'n stoked about the FLAMMABLE BONES shirt. (yes, I will be typing that in all caps from now on).

    Where did the catalog go? I already downloaded it, but I don't see it on the site any longer.
  • Freedom, the red Vallely (old school) and purple Cab Chinese dragon were in the catalog, but I don't see them on the site yet. Awesome decks, I'll be getting them. I'll jump on the Hoff deck for my pop board.
  • ahh k

    I can see the cab, no Val tho
  • Yea, I see the Cab now. I wonder what happened to the catalog, the download link was on the main page earlier.
  • maybe they did it as a teaser of some sort..
  • now this I like..

  • Yea, that's the one. That's nice, I'll be jumping on that one. I'm going to bring that one back to 1989, G&S trucks, street bones wheels, heel side rail only, and redrill to move the trucks back around an inch.

    Best of all, I'll be rocking it wearing my FLAMMABLE BONES SHIRT.
  • What shape Hooligan is that on the cover ?
  • the spam in here drives people to other forums..

    just a heads up powell
  • Forum admin needed asap pls... :(
  • I dont think powell care too much about a forum
    maybe, just maybe, they like dvd sales..
  • the spam is killing the forum..

    I think we should all just head over to s&b instead
  • I had to go to S&B for the link:

    Only thing that interests me is the VCJ Hoffart's...
  • Yea, that's a great looking deck. I think I'm going to get that one, the red Vallely OS....most likely 2, one to hang also. Plus a bunch of new shirts.

    Especially...oh I don't know...maybe the FLAMMABLE BONES shirt. I might get that too.
  • Thanks for the link..

    Chris, the flammable shirts are already out of stock.. bad luck mate, I know youve been waiting for a few years :p
  • I haven't even seen them on the site yet....they BETTER not be sold out.
  • they are all gone dude .. maybe next time
  • edited September 2011
    aggred the new catalog is guess is they are bidding thier time until the BB doc is released, then once all the hype is out we will hopefully see some long awaited re-issues ie: hawk, guerrero, mullen etc..
    However!! isnt anyone going to comment on the "JESSEE MARTINEZ" tribute model?? im pretty psyched about that i have to be honest he was one of my favorite skates at the time and was on his way to getting a pro model until he was ousted from the team. In the book disposable they make mention that the "butterfly and barbed wire" graphic was supposed to be a rough idea for his pro-model. Ive mentioned this beofre on this forum a long time ago..i actaully like the graphic alot and hopefully they incorporate it some how at least into that deck..
  • Red Vallely Elephant is it gone? Site says sold out
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