New Catalog



  • keep checking.. it will be available soon
  • hmmm blue elephant with white plastics and blue wheels or white wheels?


    red elephant with white plastics and blue or white wheels?
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    someone needs to make a deck designer.. you choose the deck, add rails, trucks, wheels etc etc, click enter & it shows you what it looks like
  • The Docs onto something there.
  • same as the thingy you use when you are picking paint colours for the walls of your home..

    I forgot to put the obligatory ® © shit all over it.. I want royalties lol :)
  • Most def Doc on a deck designer format. Great suggestion bro! Its been a while since I've been on due to work but DAMN!!!, what is up with all the spam now? C'mon skateone, get it together!
  • _III_:

    I agree. When I saw the catalog colorway of the steadham, I sighed with disgust.

    Only real bright spot is the red colorway on the Vallely.


    Saving my money too.
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    the cab hooligan is on a old school shape since that is what cab rides currently and the board designer idea sounds sick id be super stoked on that as well if a new product says out of stock then it is not available yet they should probably fix that so ppl dont get it confused with not made yet vs really out of stock
  • Has that red Vallely Elephant been reissued already in that color? Only difference being "Powell Peralta" versus the earlier reissue that had "Powell Classic"?
  • and..full dip color..well..kind of. ;)
  • I noticed the fall catalogue is available to download again on the front page
  • been up for a couple weeks
  • thought as much.. I rarely click the homepage
  • wow .. the new pearl purple Cab dragon looks unreal! (faceplant pic)

    def adding one to my collecshun
  • my powell pro model will glow in the dark
  • Mine would be fuzzy like that '90's Randy Colvin deck. Or scratch and sniff...
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    haha i remember the old scratch and sniff world industry boards lol birdhouse did a fuzzy deck back in the day that shit was weird
  • I'd want a cross between old and new. Old FP shape, but true dual kick, around 9" wide.

    Pretty much an early 90s board, slightly thinner.
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