Softcore outer rim comes of

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I tired posting this to the support form but I could not get it to be sent...

I've been using varyings sizes of SPFs for some time (56 - 62, today two sets of Grind for life). I love them! I also use you steel labyrinth bearings and your ceramic bearings, they are better than Rockin Rons ceramics imo.

Anyway, for my streetboard I bought the 56 Softcore. I like them but the outer core got loose on one wheel and come off when I turn hard. I tried gluing it back (contact glue), but it did not work, still comes off.

Any idea what to do? Ho do i fixate the perimiter to the core?
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  • sorry you have a small problem with our SoftCores. if you send in the set of wheels we will evaluate them and see about getting out a replacement set for you asap.
  • Hm.. I live in Sweden. The postage will be $25
  • contact your local shop if that is where you bought them and they should be able to replace them for you. let them know that they can contact us and we will sent them out a replacement set with their next order.
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