Bones Brigade Documentary



  • Coming soon!
  • WoooHooooo!! Hopefully with some a limited run of boards too!!!
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    How did Justin Beiber make it on the poster
  • Yea, who is that on the far left? I had that shirt back in the day, and Tommy, Tony, Lance, Cab, and Mike were all on it...but I don't remember the other rider.
  • I believe that is one Rodney Mullen.
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    Mullen > Bieber


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    I don't think that's Mullen.

    Looking at this pic, there are two possibilities in the pic. But I don't think Mullen is one of them...but I can't name everybody. It looks like it's the same day, looking at Lance's hat and Mike's glasses and hat.

  • It's Rodney Mullen. But the original poster/shirt only had Lance, Tony, Mike, and Steve. I still have it.
  • I can see them singing together..

    "if I could turn back time.. if I could skate that way.."

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    Yea this was the OG one:
  • its mullen. no doubt.
  • not mullen
  • damn that i look at him again, it may not be. im confused..
  • Its either Mullen or Bieber ..

    cmon folks, its not that much of a challenge. think about it.. there aint any other brigade members other than the 5 main lads.. throw in Rodney & you have your 6
    Rodney just has to learn to live with the fact he looked a lot like Justin Bieber as a youngan
  • Mullen has an excuse for his hair helmet, it was the eighties, beiber is just a teenie idol douche.
  • beiber douche lol..

    I spose Rodney doesnt have all those 14 year olds throwing themselves at him either.
  • it is mullen. "confirmed" on the powell fan site.
  • got a link Nick
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    this is from:

    "Powell Peralta has just released it’s first image for the upcoming Bones Brigade documentary and I can’t say I am impressed. I just can’t get past the butchering of the “Fearsome Foursome.” t-shirt and poster. The original image just features Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain. Now they have photoshopped Rodney Mullen and Tommy Guerrero into it.

    Lets hope this is just some type of “teaser” poster and not the actual production poster for the movie.

    The Powell camp has released a quick update about the film along with the poster:

    Things are progressing well with the Bones Brigade Documentary. At this time, the first cut is getting finished, so work can begin on the second round of interviews."
  • Technically it can't be "confirmed" on a fan site. A fan site has less credibility than wikipedia, as it's created by some random person. I could create a fan site and say that Tommy is really Donna Summer, doesn't confirm it.
  • good point
  • its a blog.. a good one, although you dont have to agree with everything it says.

    when you make a doco, anyone would take the old nostalgic pics & change them up a little.. theres no point remaking whats already been made, it would never be as good
    I see the doco & the new poster as a "time capsule" addition to the old stuff myself personally
  • dude..seriously?? who else would it be? anyway i sent Kam an email to settle this once and for all. well see.......
  • agreed.. there isnt anyone else it could be
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