Bones Brigade Documentary



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    I see a lot of folks are trying to gauge whose deck is whose re the doco lt ed's..

    personally I think its fairly obvious.. however there is one missing.

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    looks like the green one on the far right is a guerrero, the red might be a hawk, although i cant see the top very well and that would confirm it. would also make sense considering george powell said in his interview to art of skateboarding they are defently re-issuing hawk and guerreros graphic. im hoping the freestyle deck is mullen..but that color?? what is that???
  • I reckon the pig is either a McGill or a Hawk
  • mmm. yeah i was just thinking that. they are doing the mcgill in yellow now for the new catalog that could be it.. i was hoping the hawk would be in his 2nd shape with the rounded/notch type nose. more skatable. and im defently skating one either way. what do you think the red one is??
  • if that is a guerrero in the far right im REALLY stoked..that deck looks awesome in lime green. il be getting at least 2 or 3 of those!!
  • Pretty sure those are just blanks being sent to decorate the set like they did for the round one interviews.

    I would guess from lefty to right:

    Pig shape blank

    Freestyle blank... probably a Harris.

    Cab Dragon & Bats street

    Not sure. Kinda looks like the "hipster shape"

    Cab Dragon & Bats vert shape
  • I too think the blue & green decks look a lot like cabs

    either way, they are all shrinked & look very ready to go.
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  • Yes, Mullen and Tommy G. added to the Fearsome Foursome of Cab, Hawk, McGill and Mountain.
  • Nope....still not buying it. LOL

    I wonder if we will be getting reissues of all the big guys....and if we will get pop styles of any of them. A FP pop would be awesome.
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    kam.. are you ready for pre orders?

    wow.. even this thread has been hit by the spam
  • Still waiting for the okay from George. No confirmation on what decks if any. I am crossing my fingers and will keep bugging for part numbers. Sorry about all the spam, been busy training the new Customer Service Rep and dealing with the new products online. Hopefully we cleared it up. Appreciate all the support.
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    Awesome.. thanks for letting us know
  • I can't fucking wait to see the doc.  Every review I read is awesome, even from standard Sundance critics with no connection to the 80s/90s skate scene. 

    The two things I'm looking forward to most is obviously Lance.  He has been my favorite skater and favorite person in the skate world.  In a time when everybody was doing everything they could to be "cool", Lance didn't care....he was the goof who knew he was a goof...and could still skate his ass off.  Plus is is always a fun interview.

    But I'm really interested in seeing what Rodney has to say, everything I read mentions his interview as being "epic" and the deepest.
  • I too am looking forward to seeing the Bones Brigade doc.

    Do you think this will hit theaters, or go right to DVD?
  • Theatre/ DVD/ Torrent

  •  Via Juice Magazine 
  •  Via Juice Magazine
  • just read the blog.. in all seriousness, I WANNA SEE THIS ASAP!!!! lol

    im hanging to see it  :)
  • Me 3!!!!!
  • You know what would be the ultimate compliment to the doco, a world tour.

    It would draw larger crowds than any other demo or comp ever has .. marketing it would be easy thanks to the techno world we now live in.
    Make it happen I say!!
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