Bones Brigade Documentary



  • Personally I'd like to see a true reunion, maybe bowl or half pipe jam.

    I wonder what the logistics are, contract wise, with Lance and Rodney.  Hawk owns BH, McGill owns his line, but the others ride for different companies.  I'm curious how it works if PP were to reissue their decks to run with the release of the BB doc.  Could their current team stop them?  Would they care?
  • I think this may have already been talked about amongst them. Who knows what they have up their sleeve. It would be be an awesome tour though!
  • Are we getting any closer for orders yet Kam?
  • everyday is closer lol
  • The Brigade signed a dozen or so Skull and Sword decks that are being made into completes and will be sent out to various contest winners etc..  along with some posters.  These will not be available for sale with us unfortunately. 

    As of now there is still no word on any reissues with the Brigade members.  Unofficially the idea was to separate the Documentary from Skate One as far as possible, so as to add as much credibility to it, since this is a Stacy and Brigade project and not a Skate One project.  Following that logic, the possibility of any reissues is dwindling.

    Still on hold. Sorry folks.

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    I dont have that good fuzzy feeling in my stomach anymore, looks like the images of mock up decks were just that.. shame.

    Unless of course this is just some reverse psychology being played out .. make everyone assume the decks are a no go, then BANG, they appear.

    How far off is the doco from coming out on DVD?

  • Never give up hope gentlemen!!
  • spot on Boner.. even it it takes another 6 months, its worth the wait.
  • Stacy is shopping the distribution around right now, and it will most likely hit theaters next month or so, than to foreign countries, and than to DVD.  If it's like the Z- Boys doc, it won't hit DVD's for a while.
  • Thanks for the updates AnimalChin... much appreciated! Hope it hits nation wide theaters & not just select ones.
  • Agreed, would love to see it on the big screen. Limited runs usually only come as close as Orlando for me, but I'd drive the 3 hours to see it.

    And for the record....I knew that was Mullen...I was just, er....messing around. Yea, that's it.
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    any news on the DVD yet?

    & dare I say, the decks?

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