Skateone Answers All Your Questions

Without fail...everytime I have emailed,written,called,etc.,...the guys and girls at Skateone/Powell skateboards have come through...answering any and all matter how insignifigant or small.That's great customer service,dedication,and reliability.Kudos to Skateone!!


  • wow! thanks for all the good words. we try to help out in any way that we can all the time even when there are questions we have no idea how to answer. thanks for being great customers and we look forward to assisting you in the future!


    Kam, Dan, and Jesse, Skate One Customer Service
  • Oh yeah, I DEFINITELY second these sentiments, it's one of
    the reasons I've been hooked on POWELL stuff (along w/the
    undisputed quality, I know, I know, soundin' like a kiss-ass,
    but it's all good). I've never got any cooler-than-thou vibes
    from them either, which, as we all know in the sk8 biz can be
    a downright bummer when tryin to figure out the bro-brah code
    words to get the right results. Thank YOU, dudes!
  • powell is my religion! id die for powell!
  • Settle down b-b!!!!! Powell are a good company with great customer service but thats where it ends.
  • not at all
  • Dont get me wrong Brigade Bill, I agree with you that Powell is awesome, Im just saying the whole religon and dying for them part is abit much. Save your worship for the one its meant for!!!
  • it is! haha
  • yup. never fails always a fairly quick response. your service is the best. i oredered some wheels recently and they showed up in the wrong color and the problem was instantly corrected by your staff and they threw in an awesome sticker pack for me as a surprise when the right ones showed up, which was a nice surprise. everyone there i have talked to is very helpful. keep it up.
  • oh yeah sorry prb76. for some powell is a religon. my winged ripper tattoo on my forearm aint goin anywhere anytime soon.
  • we like to make sure the customer is alway satisfied with our products, our service, and our company. thank you guys for the support of this historic company!
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