Sticky marks on my new deck from shrink wrap

I just received my Powell Peralta Old School Ripper today and when I took the shrink wrap off I found it has sticky streaky marks all over.
These don't rub off with a damp cloth so:

- Will they disappear once it's climatized?


- Is there some sort of product or solvent I can clean the deck with without it affecting the screenprinting/transfer?

It's my first Powell Peralta ever, and I've been wanting one for the last 19 years!


  • it will disappear...eventually.
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    Tea tree oil.. dont rub hard, it removes any sticky gunk

    great also for those of you with an old deck who want to remove old grip tape gunk
  • goo gone will work also..but yeah..dont over do it it will take the paint off.
  • Thanks guys, so it's a (very) gentle rub with Tea Tree Oil or Goo Gone or just wait for it to happen naturally.
    Sweet! I guess I'll try it out on the area a tailbone will cover first.

  • the marks from the shrink wrap will disappear over time.
  • I have marks on SkateOne decks that are 5 years old. I don't really care though.
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  • I know how poser it sounds but I'm the only person I know who cares about old skool and Powell Peralta so the deck's got to look mint so I can make believers out of these popsicle surfers!
  • It's not lame at all to expect something brand new to be up to a certain quality standard. They have been saying for years that these marks wear off, but they don't. Sorry to say, it's just not true. Unless the 25 or so in my basement are anomalies.

    I've never tried, but a little acetone would probably take it right off. If I were to try it, I would dilute acetone with water until the least potent combination worked on a small spot.
  • Just received another deck that needs the goo/gunk gone treatment .. massive pita to do hahaha
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