Rib Bones and Hardware

I ordered three pairs of the new rails.Sweet looking deal.Opened er up and was suprised to see some nice heafty hardware along with them.(The thin ribs hardware has a weak point that snaps really easy.) I was happy all the way around until I tried to attach them.The holes are not big enough to accommodate the screw head.It leaves about an 1/8 of an inch at the bottom to sink into the board.Any suggestions ??? Return them ??? The rails are great...just can't use them yet !!!! :( (Ive dug thru all the old screw boxes at the house...none fit right}


  • I have a set of old rat nuts....might be able try that check ebay for em....I haven't attached them yet but I think they fit
  • Go to the hardware store and buy some wood screws. The silver ones are stronger than the black ones that come with the rails (or so I've found).
  • Id give an ACE hardware a shot if ya have one of those in your area. They have metal bins slap full of all sorts of screws etc.
  • Hey cameraeye, I had the same problem with mine but you just got apply enough pressure and they will screw down, I managed it with a hand screw driver the only other thing you could do is use a drill witha philips (crosshead) driver bit in it... BUT MAKE SURE you've got the drill speed turned down really low otherwise the screw will eat right through the deck!! Those screws are super sharp so will pull themselves into the ply and once you get the lip of the screwhead into the rail hole it will screw down easier.
    Trust me dude it will go you just need to give it a little force...

    Good Luck.
  • i just ordered 2 paid myself and i was wondering if they were going to ship with rat nuts..damn it. at least now i know. thanks.
  • im about to grab some myself..

    Ive got some old rat nuts as well I might try
  • just so you all know, I put a pair on my full dragon Cab reissue last night and the new Rib Bones are incredibly easy to shape to your board, they bend fairly easily, I had no problem sinking the screws in with a screwdriver
  • are they soft? like the old vision rails?
  • Thank you for the help gents !!! Thought I was in sort of a pickle... :)
  • @Nick.. I don't remember the Vision rails, but they are defiantly not soft, I like them a lot
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    got mine yesterday.

    Pros: good quality, nice shape, old school packaging, nice and bendable, glad they are making rails again
    Cons: wish they came with rat nuts, more colors, different hole pattern which means i cant easily swap them out of another deck already drilled (tried gorilla ribs and rib bones*)

    Just my opinion..most importantly. they are making rib bones again thats the best part. =)
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    just mounted the new rib bones in white. very easy..installed with rat nuts instead of the wood screws and works really well.they fit perfectly! enjoy..

  • Did you use the bolts that you have to drill through the deck? I've got a set of white reissue rails and I'm thinking of getting some ratnuts bolts instead of the little screws that come with them. The ratnuts seem like they'll be stronger than the screws
  • found out the hard way crooks dont bend
  • Got some. I miss the old ones, these are narrower and seem thinner
  • solution for rails  no longer made found a old Variflex mini cruiser that had vintage white variflex rails ! work perfectly on my new P2 flip deck ! so forget rib bones ! let it go ! Variflex rails rule !!!!!! paid 3.50for complete deck! of coarse trucks wheels bearings were useless ! but -the rail s rock !
  • crooks rails are awesome also ! what rails are un-cool now ?
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